Clean Czech Sport for ADV

A New Identity

The visual style itself is straightforwardly based on the symbolism of the emblems of state power, the coat of arms of the two-tailed lion used by the National Sports Agency, the founder of ADV.

The new logo of Czech Anti-Doping then logically consists of a golden crown of a lion’s head on a field of royal blue. We at NMDS constructed the crown from five circles that refer to the Olympic Games.

According to Martin Kermes, the crown, as a circle of eternity and a sign of secular and spiritual power, belongs on the head of all athletes who not only won but fought honorably. It is therefore not about medals, but about “Pure Gold”.

Czech Anti-Doping therefore seeks through its activities not only to motivate and educate, but to support and crown all those who play sport cleanly.


  • Creative Director –⁠ Martin Kermes
  • Art Director –⁠ Martin Jedlička
  • Visual Identity –⁠ Martin Czeller
  • Video –⁠ Petr Silovský
  • Project Manager –⁠ Daniel Fadrný


Branding, Campaign, concept, Logotype, Visual Identity, Webdesign