Grow ambitiously for Flecsa Holding

Find fertile soil. Plant strong seeds. Harvest ripe crop. Enrich life.

And when you want to leave a mark, you need your ideas to impress.


To prosper and influence more & more people, you won’t just entrust your vision to a huge, emasculated corporate bullshit, where some young, starving mid-class managers work with them as a part of their 8 hours a day job. Oh god no…, what a f*cking disaster would that be.


  • Visual identity –⁠ Martin Jedlička
  • Creative concept –⁠ Martin Kermes
  • Brand –⁠ Matúš Kmec
  • Webdesign –⁠ Ondřej Bartoš
  • Copywriting –⁠ Matúš Kmec
  • Webdevelopment –⁠ Jan Herman
  • Project leader –⁠ Kateřina Černá


Branding, Logotype, Photography, Visual Identity