Dare for Maserati

The magic of extraordinary nonsense

99.999999% of all the people that ever lived would say that owning a Maserati just makes no sense and no sense at all. We mean yeah…, why would you do that?

Maserati will never be a fleet vehicle, nor a family kind of car for a weekend to spend in the countryside. You wouldn’t go grocery shopping in it. You must accept that with this kind of car, certain rules apply. Or do they?

Maserati is for you only if you don’t have a boss. Nobody can dictate how you are supposed to behave and what you can or can’t do.

There are only individuals who can afford it and those who will never even give a single thought about it at all!

Are you a sound junkie? Then you must be an adrenaline maniac as well, you probably go and do whatever you want, when you want. However, this time all you want is a Maserati.


  • Creative concept –⁠ Martin Kermes
  • Visual concept –⁠ Martin Jedlička


Branding, Concept Dev, Visual Identity