The New Society for CBD Nano

To Create a movement one must return to its origins

Hemp has been growing here since 8500 BC. Our world would have looked distinctly different back then. However, our basic human needs remain the same. It has been painted on cave walls in Asia, carved into the inside of the pyramids with the gods, and etched onto Japanese rice paper by Geisha’s. It has been here for an age just like the wind, the rain, and the sun. It’s all a part of our natural DNA strand and is a pure gift. Green Gold is undoubtedly Mother nature’s finest medicine.

We have cultivated it through the centuries to connect spirituality through meditation and mindfulness. We utilize it as a material to create everyday clothes and also for industrial textiles such as sacks, rope, and boat sails. Produce paper and canvas as forms of communication. We universally employ its use medically to heal, control, and to alleviate stress and pain.

A Re-Connection to nature is our Re-Evolution

To put NANO into context

Three gold atoms lined up are about one nanometer long.

One nanometer is about the length of a fingernail that grows in one

As a number is, 0.000000001 or to put it simply a Billionth of any measurable unit.

Created By Nature
Delivered By Science
Proven By Mankind


  • Art director –⁠ Markéta Steinert
  • Graphic design –⁠ Markéta Steinert
  • Creative concept –⁠ Martin Kermes
  • Branding –⁠ Matúš Kmec
  • Copywriting –⁠ Travis O'Neill
  • Webdesign –⁠ Jan Slabihoudek
  • Video edit –⁠ Matěj Ligač
  • Motion design –⁠ Martin Egrt
  • Project leader –⁠ Kateřina Černá


Branding, concept, Logotype, Product Design, Visual Identity, Webdesign, writing