Know every sin for Veracity Protocol

Can any thing be trusted?

How do you create a visual world for something so unimaginable, so abstract but real at the same time? 

How do you design the voice of trust? Is it a layer, a stone, or a handshake?

Veracity Protocol is on its way to becoming the new standard of trust for physical objects. This AI-based technology can protect lives, national security, and brands from being discredited.


The dark side is now your brightest hope.


  • Visual identity –⁠ Martin Jedlička
  • Illustrations –⁠ Martin Jedlička
  • Creative concept –⁠ Martin Kermes
  • Script –⁠ Matúš Kmec
  • Postproduction –⁠ Matej Ligač
  • Motion design –⁠ Martin Egrt
  • Project leader –⁠ Kateřina Černá


Branding, Concept Dev, Illustration, Video Editing, Visual Identity