The journey of TON La Zitta for Designblok 23

8 La Zitta chairs, 8 artists, 8 creative journeys
Alexander Gufler

A silent chair for all those who don’t want to be disturbed when creating something.

Alex designed the chair to be quiet, not distracting. A chair that can lead into flow, to serve a higher purpose. La Zitta can be in place, it can just be.

Kateřina Handlová

It will hold you and never talk back. A silent servant.

Product designer. Katka is originally focused on glass. Her collections, products, whether for the brand Bomma or now for Ruckl, which she creatively manages, have a common denominator. She works with boundaries, passion kept at bay. The handcuffs and the fetish have not escaped La Zitta, who, to be really quiet and not disturb, has been given leather sleeves. The chair itself thus becomes a mute servant who “may be glad” to hold her mistress’s curve.

Roman Kvita

The purest thing for the dirtiest job.

Multidisciplinary designer. When I discussed with Roman what La Zitta could do for him, he said he needed a chair for work, not for show. While that may sound dirty to all of us who make our living from design, Roman didn’t mean it that way. He needs a chair that isn’t counterproductive, that doesn’t become a point of interest and distraction. This is exactly what La Zitta delivers. A chair with a recording pad that has a marker attachment on the backrest is his dream come true.

Tomáš Ric

La Zitta is like a church where faith and passion meet. Perfume Oratorio.

Owner of Pigmentarium. Pigmentarium is a rarity in the Czech Republic. He creates niche perfumes of high value from the most fantastic ingredients from all over the planet. According to Tomáš, such a perfume can say more with one drop than half a bottle of a dozen products. Each perfume has its own unmistakable story, and in this case La Zitta helped bring to the world Oratorio, the contrast of youth and permanence, the church as a place not to believe but to settle. Tomas is not a perfumer, but a mover and shaker who has taken a perfume from idea to chair. Interestingly, he doesn’t sit on the chair while creating, but uses it as a work surface.

Markéta Márová

In the new things I create I go back to the very beginning. To the sea.

Jewellery designer, Antipearle. Pearls, the sea, the underwater world is something that defines Markéta to the nth degree. When you dive into her snow-white showroom, La Zitta belongs there as if she’s been there forever, speechless, suffering like a mermaid. This year’s collection seems to be even more essential, with Margaret going back to the beginning of her work, looking for everything strong that the sea evoked in her. Depth, silence and infinity.

Jan Černý

The quieter you are, the more you hear. But you will only see after closing both your eyes.

Fashion designer. Jan is the most distinctive contemporary fashion designer. After returning from his stint working for Louis Vuitton in Paris, Prague can now regularly enjoy his collections and iconic, signifyingly branded products that are commonly seen “on people” and this year’s Czech Olympians. The current collection in particular, which Jan sat on a chair from TON and was also backstage at the fashion show, is full of signs, messages and characters. Perhaps most often, the third eye is present, as a symbol of seeing the soul beyond all the senses at our disposal.

Martin Jedlička

Even the exposition at Salone del Mobile in Milan is just a blank sheet of paper at the beginning.

Graphic Designer NMDS. NMDS is collaborating with TON on the Salone del Mobile exhibition in Italy this year. Martin has experience in presenting brands and products such as PRIM, Lasvit, Bechyně Watchmakers and Maserati. Although very often his output is digital, he always starts with a sketchbook, sticking to the motto that the best idea is a lot of ideas. In this case, La Zitta served him as a white sheet of paper on which he spent several days capturing ideas for Milano flying around.

Robert Vano

It is not a chair, it is a surface reflecting my ideas of men’s beauty.

A photographer of predominantly male beauty and intimacy needs no introduction. Robert reminds me of the new chair in a good way. He is quiet, gentle, as if you didn’t know about him. You only sense his presence. His time in New York, back in Prague, is still imprinted with something universal, something real. When working in his apartment, Robert most often sits on a swivel chair, using a backrest instead of a tripod. La Zitta sat by it and sat there as if she had always been there. Robert has just sort of domesticated it by his work, by pasting his own photos on it.


  • Creative Director –⁠ Martin Kermes
  • Art Director –⁠ Martin Jedlička
  • Project Manager –⁠ Eliška Zimová
  • Video –⁠ Petr Silovský


Branding, Campaign, concept, Film, Product Design