Extra UnOrdinary Ride for Oakley

Open your eyes and your imagination

Every dream’s potential and every moment of existence hold unprecedented opportunities.

Never confine yourself with external boundaries.

Extra UnOrdinary Ride
Extra UnOrdinary Run

Don’t be afraid to explore the unknown – that’s where the greatest treasures are hidden.

Faith and courage are the keys to new horizons.


  • Creative Director –⁠ Martin Jedlička
  • Idea Maker –⁠ Martin Kermes
  • Camera –⁠ Peter Silovský
  • Edit –⁠ Petr Němec
  • Production –⁠ Daniel Fadrný
  • Cast –⁠ Evelína Opičková
  • Cast –⁠ Michaela Jandová


CGI/VFX, Film, Illustration, Video Editing