Cutting deeper for ANV

What makes a brand A brand?

There is no website, no logo, pictures, videos, company, machines, steel, agreements, employees, owners, investors, or designers. Acta Non Verba exists only until some do instead of talk. The heroes, pathfinders, and inventors who sacrifice themselves for acts greater than themselves.

At the beginning of the road with NMDS and ANV there was someone else. But someone else was never enough.

ANV is the honor of real deeds. Courage to start from scratch, never compromise, and overcome all obstacles. Until I reach my limits. And there again, start from the new ground zero.

This is the true essence of heroism we all possess. Sometimes we just need a little push to remember it.


  • Creative concept –⁠ Martin Kermes
  • Art direction –⁠ Martin Jedlička
  • Product design –⁠ Ondřej Němec (ANV)
  • Photos –⁠ Ondřej Němec (ANV)
  • Script –⁠ Matúš Kmec
  • Camera / Edit –⁠ Matej Ligač
  • Project leader –⁠ Kateřina Černá


Branding, Concept Dev, Film, Video Editing, Visual Identity